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    • Render the EDD shortcode with the fields needed to compile the Voucher
      Right now, if you need to show the download purchase form in a page which is not the download page you can only use the EDD shortcode, but this one is not filled with the PDF Voucher fields even if they are enabled for that download. Neither they are displayed in the checkout page. The consequence is that user would not be able to fill the voucher with the needed details.

      I think that, with the PDF voucher enabled for a specific download, also the shortcode should be aligned to the required behaviour. Another solution would be to verify in the check out if those fields are filled asking to fill them.

      I know the community here is not so large so I don't think I can get much votes here, I hope you could fix this lack since I think it should be considered as a core feature.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)


      This feature is available now in the latest version 2.0.7

      Enjoy the new release. :)


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