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    • Allow customers to change the point amount they want to use on checkout.
      It would be really nice to give customers the option to change the Points they want to use on a purchase.

      Let's say the customer have U$50 worth of points and they have a U$30 dollars product on the cart. The customer could be given the option to use U$20 of points instead of ALL points they have.

      This would allow a little more flexibility on how they can use the points.

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      We cannot found this feature useful.

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    • Compatibility with EDD Commissions
      Hi there,
      could you please make P&R compatible with EDD commissions?
      If a customer purchases a/several product(s) and uses reward points for a discount, the commission(s) should be calculated off the discounted price. For example, if there are 3 products belonging to let’s say 2 different vendors, the RP discount should be divided by the number of products in the cart (3) and applied to all product prices equally. Then the commissions can be calculated as usual from the discounted prices. If free products are included in a cart, they should be excluded from the calculation. Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards

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      Our EDD points and rewards plugin is compatible with EDD Commission plugin. It calculates the vendor commission based on the setting for apply points discount. Please check the screenshot.


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    • refer a friend and get rewards
      I need to refer a friend option using email id and when my friend purchase product using this referral email, add refer point to my account.

      if it is possible then useful for me

      thanks and regards

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      Due to insufficient information.

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