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    • The Rise of Affiliate Marketing
      Leading a forecasting service can also help improve the ability to forecast future sales and revenue numbers. By subscribing to monthly services, you will easily predict how long the subscriber stays on the board.

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    • Don’t generate new accounts if WP Settings “Anyone can register” disabled
      If the "Anyone can register" in WordPress' "Settings > General" is unchecked (so that no users can register by themselves) the plugin should not allow them to bypass this setting, or it should at least give us the option to decide.

      Right now, users without an account get an account created when using social login, even if the WordPress "Anyone can register" setting is unchecked.

      This means that unwanted users can register into the website through Social Login even if registration is disabled.

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)


      We have added this feature in the latest version 2.5.6

      Enjoy the new release..!!


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    • Service authorization / registration in Russia – Yandex
      I ask to add authorization / registration in that number for FES.
      Service in Russia - Yandex. (OAuth 2.0) -
      Yandex has another unique feature that other services in Russia do not have - User identity verification.
      This function is very important if it comes to lawsuits. For example: a vendor sold other people's property through my store. I have to pass on the data about the users to the police, otherwise I myself will pay the damage to the owner of the product.

      It is also implemented through the Yandex API
      It is enough to check the status of the virial purse in the Yandex money system. If the status of the wallet is "Named" or "Identified" - then there is nothing to hide. He will be able to sell his goods on my website.

      I am ready to find English Yandex API. I'm ready to pay for this functionality.

      DECLINED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)


      We haven't found this feature useful to our other customers so, we can't add this feature to the main plugin. If you are really in a need of this feature, we can create a separate addon for you.

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