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    • Identify Partially Redeemed Vouchers in Export CSV
      Currently the Export CSV and Export Advanced CSV do not indicate whether the voucher is fully or partially redeemed. A column indicating this status or Remaining Value, would be useful

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    • 3 delivery method suggestion
      1 ° Send the voucher via E-mail to the recipient
      2 ° Download and personally deliver to the recipient
      3 ° Receive an offline physical copy of the voucher

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    • Sell vouchers easily on site
      We are using the woocommerce PDF voucher plugin for our hotel homepage, but we like to sell and print the vouchers at the reception desk. Is there a nice and easy way to do this?

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    • QR Code included in recipients email
      Possibility to add the QR Code to the recipient's email. People prefer not to print out the vouchers, so would make redemption easier if the client can just show the QR code on their phone and the vendor can then scan and redeem it.

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    • Totals for Vouchers Purchased, Outstanding and Redemptions
      It would be very useful to be able to see the Total value of Vouchers Sold, Outstanding and Redemptions. When lots of Gift Cards have been sold and some redeemed in full and some partially, it takes much time currently to download spreadsheets and manipulate data just to find out basic financial information.

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    • List of Redemptions
      Need a way of easily seeing a list of redemptions for a given timeframe eg last week. Could be a separate tab OR export showing Redemption date, Redemption Amount, Redeemed by, Voucher Code. Currently this is only available by Advanced Export and then lots of data manipulation, especially if there are multiple redemptions per Gift Voucher.

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    • csv output
      In the Redeemed Voucher Code function, I need the csv output to include the Product ID that is associated with each Order ID and for the output to be single line rather than the amalgamation of fields as is current

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)


      We’d just like to let you know that we’ve added this feature in version 4.3.0

      There is new option available to export advance CSV.

      Enjoy the new releases! Cheers

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