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    • Allow Voucher Value Settings at Product Level
      It would be great to modify the "Voucher Value Settings" (i.e. regular price or sale price) individually for each product. At the moment this is only possible globally. Cheers.

      Under Review  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)

      We are under a review process of this idea and we will implement this feature when we have more votes from various users.

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    • Integration with AffiliateWP and Woocommerce Coupons
      Integrate with AffiliateWP. I’d like my customers to be able to print a discount code/voucher that is connected to their affiliate account (e.g. give your friend coupon for 5$ and when they redeem it you get $5 store credit yourself). AffiliateWP allows doing this but I’d like to provide a function to physically print the coupon code on a voucher that can be presented at the actual point of sales. I hope I’m making sense here. AffiliateWP is built for pure online business but my clients are brick-and-mortar businesses which need physical coupons.

      DECLINED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)

      Due to insufficient information.

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    • Integration with Woocommerce Marketplace
      I'm using woocommerce marketplace (WCMP) as multi vendor plugin. The problem is, WCMP has 2 backends (wp-backend and wcmp-backend) and vendors have ability add add their product 2 different ways. As a service provider, I don't want vendors to have 2 different backends. I don't want vendors to see wp-backend at all. However, if I remove all the link to wp-backend, they wouldn't be able to use pdf vouchers. Because PDF vouchers tab shows on wp-backend but not on wcmp-backend. Vice versa, wcmp-backend has more features for vendors so I can't let them to use wp-backend instead of wcmp-backend.
      It would be great if PDF vouchers tab shows on WCMP-backend as wp-backend.

      DECLINED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)

      Due to insufficient details.

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    • Feature Request: Log Delivery Status and Resend Gift Notification Emails
      Please add the ability to resend the gift email and check the delivery status when sending PDF vouchers as a gift to someone else. This feature is really needed and its missing.

      We have clients calling our business stating their friends or family member never received the gift email. Usually it just went to spam or something, and I can check the email went out on the server level and it does. But there is no easy way to check from the Admin that the email was sent and the date.

      Most importantly, add a way to resend the gift email from admin dashboard. So if a client says their friend/family member didn’t receive, I can just resend it quickly, or resend to a different email if needed.

      I know I can resend the order email, but this is not want we want to do. We just want to resend the gift email to the correct recipient.

      YITH Woocommerce Gift Cards has this feature, and although your plugin is much better overall, this single feature would make it SO much better! Please take a look at the example here:

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster) 4 years ago


      We’d just like to let you know that we’ve added this feature in version 3.4.0

      Read more here :

      Hope you enjoy the new releases!


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    • Customer "Mark as Redeemed" Function
      Would absolutely love it if you guys added an option for customers to mark a voucher as redeemed vs. requiring the vendor to have to login to their account to redeem vouchers. Reason being, the current redemption process requires all employees of a physical store to have login credentials and a phone to redeem vouchers. If they don't have either one of those, the entire purchase/redemption process is held up while they acquire one or both of the two, and other customers having to wait in line while they figure it out. Not good. By putting it on the customer to redeem, the vendor/employees don't need to do anything other that watch the customer mark it redeemed. The customer already has to login to redeem so why not putting the logging in and redeeming to them? :)

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)

      Hey !

      We’d just like to let you know that we’ve added this feature in version 3.4.0

      Read more:

      Hope you enjoy the new releases!


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