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  • Anonymous (Inactive) commented  .  February 20, 2018 at 4:44 pm


    Yes! The process would be that a customer logs into their account on their phone, accesses the voucher they purchased, shows the voucher to the vendor for verification, and then either the vendor or the customer pushes a “Mark as Redeemed” button for that individual voucher. Same function as vendor marking a voucher as redeemed, except the button is additionally accessible in the customer’s logged in account. This eliminates the variable that an employee of the vendor doesn’t have a login or doesn’t know how to redeem. Much better work flow for everyone.

    It would be so awesome if you guys could add this option! To be honest, it’s a hard sell without it, so it would make your product all the more valuable.

    Big thanks for considering this feature. Looking forward to hearing an update!