Ideas Products Social Auto Poster Schedule settings by post type, by network. Reply To: Schedule settings by post type, by network.

  • woo_user_2622271 (Participant) commented  .  January 24, 2023 at 11:11 pm

    Currently, the schedule settings are located in the first tab, regardless of the type of post or social network. I manage a job board with various types of posts, such as job postings, candidate posts, and employer posts, which are identified by a plugin. It would be a significant improvement to have the schedule settings located in each social network tab and for each specific post type. In my case, job postings need to be posted immediately, while candidates or employers can be posted within the day. Informative posts can wait and fill gaps in the buffer.

    I appreciate any feedback on this matter. It seems that a copy/paste of the schedule settings would be beneficial, as the framework is already in place in the posting format options, either globally or for specific post types. By choosing an individual post type message, schedule settings could also be added at this level.

    Thank you,