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  • Luis (Participant) commented  .  April 6, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Hello, I currently use the free plugin “Telegram for WP”, I leave the URL:

    Although this plugin is very good, when I schedule an entry, I can not customize the message for Telegram. By default, it publishes with the structure that was configured in the plugin.

    Only when I do not scheduling, and publish the entries directly, does the message respect me as it was written and modified.

    Image of the plugin when writing an entry / post:

    That is, when I make changes in the message field for telegram and schedule the publication, the plugin don’t save these values and therefore the messages follow only the structure of the template configured in the add-on.

    The plugin has the option to send the featured image next to the text, in the same message. Although you can also send the image separately from the text. I prefer the first option, which sends everything in one message.

    Example of the first option, publication with image in only one message:

    To use this plugin, previously a channel or group of “Telegram” has been created to manage, and create a bot in “Telegram” and join it to that channel or group to self-publish the messages.

    I propose:

    1. Add all the features that this plugin has.
    2. Add the option to correctly program personalized messages.
    3. Posibility to add several predefined templates.
    4. Add a panel where to send and schedule messages, separately from the post. For example: an important notice to users, a notification, or publish a message that does not have to be anchored to any post.
    5. Total support for sending messages with HTML pre-formatting, “STRONG” or “B” tags for bold, “PRE” in my case I use to send codes that users can copy in telegram.
    6. Total support for sending any emoji or emoticon.
    7. Support for sending hastags. Example: #Amazon
    8. Support to republish messages at other times.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    If you need more information or help, do not hesitate to let me know.
    Thank you very much.