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More Vendor-friendly redeem Process + White label QR Code Scanner

Hello dear Authors,

it would be great if the “Redeem Voucher” process would be simplified ( maybe as an alternative to the native version )
that will be redeemed by just scanning the QR Code.

Example: Vendor is logged in, vendor scans the QR Code and just see the following:

Product Name <BR />, a green or a red Check “tick” icon
which means: Green Check icon = Valid voucher, Red Check icon = Invalid Voucher
and a button beyond that says: Redeem Voucher in case of a Green Check icon
or the redeem informations like: redeemed on may,4th 2019 at xx.xx PM

this will be make the redeem process more easy then ever before, and you can extend it to
partial redemption field etc.

the most informations are not necessary for the Vendor, he just want to make sure that the Voucher is valid and redeem it with one click, without the need to scroll down to the tiny little button at the end of all that informations.

Also a White Label QR Code scanner, that comes bundled with the Plugin, could re-raise the success of the Plugin.
its been a couple of years ago after the release, so may its time for new major features and usefully Updates for the Userflow.

Mr. Smilez

Patrick Smilez (Participant) shared this idea  .  June 25, 2019 at 12:02 am
DECLINED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)

It cannot be implemented in the main plugin. It should be a separate thing as the Android/iOS app.


  • Norris (Moderator) commented  .  August 31, 2019 at 4:32 pm


    Your idea is good but it can be considered as a separate things as the Android/iOS app will not be a part of the main plugin. You can use any scanner app as of now OR if you need we can develop the PDF voucher specific application for you if you need. 🙂


  • Patrick Smilez (Participant) commented  .  June 25, 2019 at 12:07 am

    i mean a Android and iOS QR Code Scanner app, with the option to add Logo and a Login function, that connects to the Website its linked to.

    so the user can open the app, login to his account, scan the code and see the results that i already mentioned before. Gosh this will push it to the Sky again, i think there will be a lot users that will be happy with it.

    Also you can add a “Choose Redeem Method” to the Plugin settings to let each user decide to: Native version, or Modern version.

    Native = Classic already built in layout
    Modern = the mentioned layout above.

    Cheers Team

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