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Schedule To All At Once

I would love to see on top of what we have now, in the section “Menage Schedules” the option “Schedule To All”. This means instead of setting schedule for each social platform individually to have the option to set for all social platforms at once with single schedule. And after the posts are scheduled, the plugin to use the settings which are already set in “Settings” for each individual platform.

It would be similar to Crowdfire where I can schedule for one month time in about 10 min. With this plugin I loose too much precious time to the same scheduling for each social platform individually.

Hope you are agree with me

woo_user_9265915 (Participant) shared this idea  .  July 16, 2020 at 10:53 pm


  • Norris (Moderator) commented  .  July 28, 2020 at 4:06 pm


    Do you mean a calendar on manage schedule page where you can select from and to date and schedule in bulk?


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