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“Usability” Setting for “Unlimited” Voucher + NEW Quantity = Usage Limit

Use Case: Enables Better WooCommerce Coupon/Voucher Management

Currently, when a voucher is configured per these settings:

Usability: Unlimited
Auto Coupon Code = Yes
Enable 1 Voucher per PDF = Yes
Voucher Delivery = Email

Current WooCommerce “Unlimited Usability” Coupon Behavior

If someone orders a “Quantity” of five (5) of a voucher product with these settings, it’ll create five separate “Coupon Codes” (ex. Coupon Type: Voucher Code) with the “Usage limit per coupon” set to one (1) per each individual coupon. If you redeem the coupon code for the online store, it will automatically mark the voucher code as “Used” and vice versa if you use a voucher code physically or offline, the same coupon code Usage / Limit is set as “Zero”, so It will restrict the user to use same coupon code again for the online store.

Current Customer Experience Issues

This creates five (5) coupons instead of one (1), if someone purchases a large number of vouchers (ex. 50+) then the “Voucher Management” pages (ex. shortcodes,

Proposed Quantity/Usage-Based “Coupon Code” Enhancement

This customer experience issue can be fixed by introducing a new “Usability” Setting for “Unlimited + Quantity/Usage” enhancement so the possible flow can only be like any number of orders for the product and it will generate only one (1) voucher with one (1) coupon code that particular voucher will contain a quantity of fifty (50) product as amount redeemable.

Evan Erickson (Participant) shared this idea  .  August 5, 2022 at 4:21 am


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