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user to user voucher /gift redeeming

this product is very good however i would like the product to have some other features that i thank will make it awesme (1) user to user redeeming feature, for example user A should be able to redeem voucher from user B and not only vendors, users can scan qrcode of another user to redeem and some charges can apply which will go to the admin for the transaction
(2) there should be “gift this product” button in product pages so users can use the button to buy voucher equivalent to the product ammount for a loved one, after checkout the product should be tagged and voucher plus reddeming instruction should be send to the recipient email or phone
(3) if possible users should be able to see all vouchers tied to their account.

Prince Alu (Participant) shared this idea  .  June 16, 2022 at 11:03 am


  • Norris (Moderator) commented  .  July 22, 2022 at 5:50 pm


    This feature changes how the plugin actually works, for us to update it on main plugin it will not be possible while do share brief requirement on :
    and we will be able to do it as custom work just for you domain as an add-on to the main plugin.


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