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    • Instagram, Viber and Tik Tok
      My digital marketing agency is handling on behalf of its clients on a daily basis their social media presence.

      It is crucial not only for productivity but for being able to have one common viewpoint on content strategy to be able to publish on all the main social networks. Mainly those remaining for the European continent basically is IG, Viber and Tik Tok. For starters the capability to post under the same account schedule.

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    • Add spintax
      Yes, I can check it. I have some suggests:
      1. Add spintax for content, title, link, image for each campain.
      2. Add random time to post and delay for each post.

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    • Videos for better engagement
      I would only need .avi and .mp4 to be uploaded the same way as images work. Can you please add these to the software?

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    • SaaS
      many people asked for this on envato already, but no one added it here, so here it is

      COMPLETED  WPWeb   WPWeb (Keymaster)


      We’d just like to let you know that we’ve added this feature in version 2.0

      The Mingle is now supported with SAAS - multi user feature and Stripe payment gateway.
      Enjoy the new releases!


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    • RSS Feed
      Possibility to auto post from a specified rss feed url

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    • YOURLS Integration & Email Posting Facility
      1. We need Yourls. It will give us the freedom we need.
      2. An email address will be dedicated for this app where we can email our content and this app will follow a predefined template or command and post it immediately or will be scheduled. Did you ever use Blogger Blog? Blogger allows us to email anything and then Blogger converts that email into a blog post.

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